Stage 5


Students will be making a Gamilaraay language children's book, this book will be created to teach younger students at your school or even, family members or friends at home the Gamilaraay words used for certain animals and plants. The book will be based upon whats in your environment, on your country, at your school or home.

Please be creative as you can, using items found outside, paintings, traditional or modern art. You can even make a powerpoint, a song or even a video book if you like by taking pictures.

Remember this book is to share our Gamilaraay language with the younger people at your school or your families. Remember the ancient art of storytelling comes from country, whats in your garden? whats on your country?

You will be adding 1 animal and 1 plant each week to your book after you learn what they are from our videos or powerpoint you watch.

Please open the powerpoint and follow the instructions for the first part of your Gamilaraay language book


Gaba Nginda Thankyou, you are all done.

Buddy Winangali & Crew