Guwaymbarra - The colour Red

This colour is very sacred to our people and links us to the vibrant colour of many parts of our Gomeroi/Gamilaraay country. This colour connects us to our land and reminds us to always protect her at all costs.

This colour is is also interconnected to our blood groups of our tribe. Guwaygaliyarr (light blood group) and Guwaymadhan (dark blood group).

These blood groups or the colour red also symbolises how we are interconnected to our dhiiyan (family) as our blood runs deep through our bodies which is apart of our individual rivers embedded unique life-force. We are also connected to the planet Guwaybilla (mars) to all Gomeroi/Gamilaraay people and restricted lore ceremony.

Guwaygaliyarr - This links us to our matrilineal lineage which is connected to our mothers line.

Guwaymadhan - This blood group links us to our creators Bawudjarr or fathers lineage.

Buddy & Winangali Crew