We are a family owned and operated Cultural Education and Healing Service. Winangali Infusion has also been operational since 2014.

Winangali Infusion pride our self on delivering a unique, high standard and interactive style of ancient Edu-cultural Healing Practices to many Educational Departments, Organisations, Communities. These much sought after specialised Edu-cultural healing practices are delivered through a creative and custom package to suit the needs of your service, organisation, school or community.

Winangali Infusion emphasise the ancient art of storytelling, art, language, song and dance as well as nurturing all aspects of traditional culture to maintain your health & wellbeing foremost. Your meaningful outcomes will no doubt follow naturally from there, whatever your desired goals.

Winangali Infusion are always guided by our Elders and ensure cultural protocol is maintained with integrity and respect on all levels. We believe one of our most powerful tools are our ancient stories and we use these as a guide to empower ourselves to sustain a strong song-line.